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Being On the Front lines

Growing up, I always had others around me that were like minded and worshiped God the same way as me. I always had someone to go to if someone I had witnessed to had torn me down. I had a church to go to every Wednesday and Sunday. I had a support system that I […]

Do Not Conform

My freshman year of high school I ran around with a really bad crowd of people that I considered to be my friends. I wanted to fit in so badly that I was willing to turn away from God and His holiness. I let those around me influence me in a negative way and gave […]

When Our Anger Distances Us from God

Recently I haven’t been able to write, read my bible like I usually do, or pray because of my anger. My life has taken a turn that I never thought it would and the pain hurts so badly. I get up every morning, trying to put on a happy face and to act normal, but […]

The Deceiver < Our Dreams

In life, you can never go back and change your past. The only thing you can do is continue to move forward, one day at a time. This is a truth that I have recently come to realize within my own life. Just a few years ago, I had no confidence in myself, not believing […]

Dealing with the Strongholds of Abuse

When we go to doctor’s appointments as new patients, we always have a ton of papers to fill out so that the doctor can better understand your health. While I was sitting in the waiting room, filling out the forms I began to feel a bit embarrassed by some of my answers Alcoholism √ Anxiety […]

For Everything There is A Time

Last week I got to be home with my family for the holidays. I always dread the 16 hour car ride home, but the ride is always worth it for me. The moment I see those Appalachian Mountains and the rolling hills of Kentucky, nothing else in my life seems to matter anymore. While I […]

The Grass isn’t Always Greener

I recently got a new job, making me extremely busy throughout the week. Working close to ten hours every day is physically and mentally exhausting. It is especially exhausting when the job ends up not being what you expected it to be. Sometimes our expectations are so high that when reality hits us in the […]