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What the Lord Has Done for Me: My Story of Salvation

Before I began serving the Lord, I was a sinner lost deep in sin. I had so much pain and anger built up inside of me that I dealt with the emotions in a negative way. I searched for peace and happiness in all the wrong places, leaving me with shame and regret. I grew […]

Being On the Front lines

Growing up, I always had others around me that were like minded and worshiped God the same way as me. I always had someone to go to if someone I had witnessed to had torn me down. I had a church to go to every Wednesday and Sunday. I had a support system that I […]

Putting Christ before the Political Debates

Growing up, my mom taught me to not discuss my political beliefs publicly with just anyone because it is rude to do. But the older I got, the more interested in government and politics I became, leading me to be very vocal about my political views, which landed me in the middle of many hot […]

Working on Our Hearts

I haven’t wrote in a few days due to what I’d like to call writers block. I just haven’t felt led by the Lord to write about the things I’ve been studying in the past week. I honestly just needed some time to myself to have a breather. But I’m back, revived, and ready to […]

Healing Our Brokenness

Living in a military town, I see the pain of husbands being unfaithful to their wives. I see the pain that the betrayal causes and how it destroys a marriage. When trust is betrayed, it can be hard to get it back, but it isn’t impossible. It takes time to heal wounds that run deep, […]

December Reading Plan: Days 13-17 Scriptures

I would like to apologize to all of those who have been following my blogs faithfully and doing the December reading plan. It was not my intention to miss so many days of writing for the reading plan, but life got in the way. Between working full time, Christmas shopping, going to Christmas parties, and […]

December Reading Plan

During the month of December, we will be doing a reading plan to help get our minds and hearts focused on the reason for the season. Each day of this month, we will have daily scripture readings and short devotions to go with our scripture readings. Christmas is a time to be merry and joyous, […]