Claiming His Power: What Has God Spoken to You About 2019?

With the start of 2019, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year and what all God has done for me. 2018 had some really good moments and some really bad moments. That year taught me to truly see God’s power working within my life. Now that 2019 has arrived, I can’t help but feel I have a theme for this year, given to me by God.

Claim His power over your life is the sentence that keeps repeating itself in my head and in my heart.

When my husband got injured in early May of 2018, I thought I was becoming a widow at 24 years old. I had no idea what to expect as I rushed to the hospital that day. I honestly thought the worst as I prayed and cried in the car on the way to the ER on post. But when I got there and found out my husband was alert and talking, I knew it had to be God who kept him alive for me. When a 10,000 pound engine falls on someone you love, breaking their back in two places without killing them or paralyzing them, your faith in God and His power becomes solidified.

That’s the memory that stands out the most to me about 2018. It is that incident that changed everything for me. It changed how I viewed and cherished my marriage, it changed how I trust God, it changed how I viewed life, and it changed my faith. It was during my husband’s recovery that I learned to start claiming God’s power in and over my life.

When we claim His power over our lives, the devil and his workers have to run from us. When we believe in that power and claim it as our victory, there is no valley too deep or mountain too tall that we can’t cross or climb.

Believing in the power of God changes things. It changes our perspective, our faith, our relationships, and our situations for the better. It doesn’t eliminate the struggles or hardships, but it allows us to claim the victory that we inherited when we became Christians.

Claiming the victory we inherited from Christ’s salvation empowers us to walk boldly into the new year and face whatever the year may throw our way. It gives us strength and hope for a better tomorrow and peace for our restless souls.

This new year is going to be a hard one for me. My husband will be gone for the majority of it and I will be alone. When I think about the separation that’s about to come because my husband has chosen to serve this country, I claim God’s power in my life, so that I can be strengthened. I’ve learned that God has never failed me yet and I know that no matter how hard 2019 may be, God will still never fail me.

What theme has God given you for 2019? Have you sought God on what He wants to say to you about this upcoming year? Listen for His voice and claim His power in and over your life this year.

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