Look What the Lord Has Done

A little over a week ago, my church was holding their 113th General Assembly in Tennessee. The General Assembly for our church is a big deal and for months, I had been planning to attend it, but those plans changed when my husband broke his back this summer. Thankfully, with modern technology I was able to view some of the live videos from home, but it just wasn’t enough for me. I would cry around the house daily, not satisfied in my soul with not being able to be there.

I felt the Lord pressing on my heart to go to the Assembly. I couldn’t shake the overpowering feeling of God’s nudge, so I prayed and talked to my husband about going. We didn’t really have the money for me to go, but I kept feeling God urging me to pack my bags and hop in the car to go. After praying with my husband, we decided it was best for me to attend the Assembly.

God’s call to go was so strong I couldn’t ignore it.

So I packed my bags and drove the 15+ hours to the Assembly by myself. My husband and I both knew that the Lord was going to take care of us financially and to not worry about it. We knew that if I felt led by God to go, that He was going to be with me every step of the way. I’m happy to say that God really showed Himself to me on this journey.

I went to my churches Assembly, with over a thousand people there from all over the world, to worship God and to seek Him and His will for my life. But I went with some baggage that I had been carrying around for almost five years. I was very weighed down spiritually and I needed a refreshing from the Holy Ghost.

Almost five years ago, I was deeply hurt within the church. This was a hurt that festered and turned into something very ugly within my spiritual life. It hindered my relationship with God, my ministry, and how I viewed people in the church. I began to only see the negatives and became very bitter. At the Assembly this year, God healed that hurt in a way I never thought He would. He took the pain that I had been carrying around and replaced it with forgiveness and peace.

What is so funny and amazing about the whole thing is, is that I wasn’t looking or expecting to be healed from that hurt. I had gotten to the place where I had decided that if God really wanted to fix it, then He would’ve already done so. I had no expectation of apologies being spoken to me. In fact, I kept feeling God pressing me to talk to certain individuals that had hurt me years ago and ignored it. I didn’t want anything to do with it or them.

But through this experience, God showed me that this thing called Christianity isn’t about us or our feelings. It is about serving others and loving others the way that Christ does. It is about Him and only Him.

Not only did God heal my pain and make the offense right, He provided me with money for every meal, for my gas, and a way for me to get home. I saw God work in this Assembly in a way I have never seen Him work before. God is able and He surely will because He cares for each of us. His love and care has no bounds or end. When the time is right, we will always see God show up in our lives to help with certain situations.

This is my testimony of just a few things that the Lord did for me at this Assembly. I wanted to share it with those of you who read my blogs because I want to remind each of you that God is able to heal you, mend broken relationships or families, give you strength, or whatever it may be that you are in need of today. Whatever you are in need of may not be given to you over night or even in a few weeks, but I know that we serve a faithful, caring God that will deliver when the time is right.

Life may be getting you down today or maybe you are just facing a difficult situation that you seem to find no hope in. Whatever your situation may be, remember that God is able and if you know He is able shout amen and believe it.

The devil would like to discourage us to the point where we give up and stop seeking God’s mighty power in our lives. We can’t afford to let the devil have a grasp in our lives. We need to always remember that the God we serve loves us and is able to do all things. There is truly nothing that is impossible for our God.

me and leah

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