Tips on How to Maintain Your Salvation

Becoming a new Christian can seem overwhelming for those of you who may have not been raised in church or have never read the bible. Maybe now that you are saved, you don’t know where to begin on your path with Christ and holy living. This list of tips is meant to be a guide to help those of you who may be new in this journey of Christianity.

  1. Make a commitment to keep God first in your life daily.
  2. Start your day out in prayer and end your day in prayer every day of the week.
  3. Always be in communication with God
    Pray silently in your head, talk to Him in the car, and say small prayers throughout your day.
  4. Thank Him daily for what He has done for you within each day.
    It doesn’t matter how small it may seem.
  5. Read your bible daily.
    Whether it is a chapter a day or a few scriptures a day, read it and pray for understanding of what you’ve read.
  6. Study your bible on a regular basis.
    Study by topic (faith, love, sin, obedience, hope, joy, marriage, prayer, struggles, worry, forgiveness, etc.) or by bible story topic (Noah & the Ark, Creation, the birth of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, etc.).
  7. Choose NEW Christian friends.
    It is important to be surrounded by people who will uplift you and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.
  8. Seek God’s will for your life’s decisions.
  9. Attend church service regularly.
  10. Stay active in your walk with God.
    Always be doing something for the Lord, whether it is praying, reading your bible, studying your bible, or going to church.








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