Being Woken Up Spiritually

Before my husbands accident, I was struggling with coming out of my shell & putting myself out there. The Lord began working on my heart & let me know that as an evangelist I have to get out among the people & socialize. I knew that in order to evangelize the way God has called me to, I would have to be more extroverted for Christ. I pushed it off & ignored what the Lord was telling me because I was scared.
Shortly after the Lord spoke to me, my husband had his accident. It rocked my life. I was forced out of my comfort zone the day that engine fell on him. It was painful & it was hard to do, but I realized in those moments at the hospital that I could do more than I ever thought possible & it was all because of God. As bad as my husbands accident was, it has helped me to come out of my shell.

Sometimes when we don’t listen to God, He’ll allow for something to happen in our lives to wake us up to what He has been telling us to do all along.

In just the past few weeks, I’ve become more extroverted than I have been in a long time, more giving, more bold for Christ, more reliant on God, and more determined to reach the lost. This accident woke me up spiritually & made me come out of my comfort zone.

Comfort zones only hold us back from doing the Lord’s work. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable for the Lord.

When we’re able to come out of our shells, we’ll be able to go when God tells us to go. God didn’t call us to stay within our homes or within our own shells we place around ourselves, but He instead has called us into servant-hood. In order to serve those around us and teach them about Christ, we have to be willing to become uncomfortable. It is when we become truly uncomfortable that we will be able to effectively spread the gospel.



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