More Than Beggars Have

As much of a disappointment that my job has turned out to be, I can’t help but realize the goodness this job brings to the lives of those suffering within the community today. Being at work for ten hours of your day is exhausting, but what makes it worse is when coworkers are cold towards you and library patrons are difficult to deal with. When your work environment is less than what you expected it to be, it can be hard to realize the goodness that your job does for others.

But today, God has humbled my heart and thawed my bad attitude. First thing this morning, I had two homeless people at my desk, wanting to use one of our public computers. At first, I was uncomfortable around them and worried about my hair getting something no woman or young girl wants to get. Not only was I worried about that, but the smell was almost too hard to bear. But God got me today and made me realize just how good I really do have it.

These people have no place to call their home, but I do.
These people don’t have running water to clean their clothes with or take a shower with, but I do.
These people don’t have electricity to keep them warm at night, but I do.
These people don’t have extra money to spend on whatever they want and still have money to save, but I do.
These people don’t have food to go home to, but I do.

We have it so much better than we truly realize.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a very negative person. Sometimes all I see with my eyes is every negative thing a situation has to offer me. I forget to step back and realize that even in the worst situations, there is always something positive to be grateful for. I think we can all be that way sometimes.

God has blessed each of us more than we realize. Yes, our jobs can get us down and out, wishing we never applied to the place we’re working at, but we still get a paycheck and that is more than many people have today. We get so caught up in all the bad that we forget to get caught up in the goodness that God has blessed us with.

Philippians 4:19 says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

This scripture reminds us that everything good that we do have comes from God alone. If we have a roof over our heads and food on our tables every night, it is because God has seen fit to bless us with those things. If we have a place to lay our heads at night, money in our bank accounts, and clean clothes to wear every day, we owe our thanks to God for seeing fit to bless us abundantly.

We all have things in our lives that we don’t particularly like, but we can always find some piece of goodness to hang onto. When we know the only true living God, we have more than enough to be happy about.

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