Sitting Around His Table

Today is turkey day! It is finally here! We’ve all been waiting for a feast and none of us care if we get a little fatter. We’ve all anticipated Thanksgiving Day and had to prepare for it by going grocery shopping, cooking in the kitchen for hours, cleaned the house, and set up the decorations to have a nice family get together.

Our houses are going to be full of family and friends while we all sit around a dinner table getting full on turkey and pumpkin pie. It is a day full of thanks and good cheer. But are our spiritual lives full of contentment and laughter or are we starving for more of God?

There is a song by the Booth Brothers called, “My House Is Full (But My Field Is Empty)” and for some reason, this Thanksgiving this song is stuck in my head. This Thanksgiving it is just me and my husband and I have never felt more happy or content. We’re starting our own family traditions and it will be nice to celebrate with just him. I know that many families are going to be content with their tables being full of food and their homes being full of laughter. But is God full of contentment and happiness towards us in His house today? Are we in His presence fully or are we only in His presence when Sundays roll around?

The first verse of the song says:
“There is peace and contentment in my Father’s house today
Lots of food on the table and no one is turned away
There is singing and laughter as the hours pass by
But a hush calms the singing as the Father sadly cries”

The first verse teaches us that we can be happy and content in the Lord’s presence, but that doesn’t always mean we are where we need to be spiritually. We can be sitting in the front row, making sure to get a full view of God, but if our hearts are not fully in it, we are not serious about God. We can go to church to worship, pray, and listen to a sermon, but if our hearts do not have a desire to do more for God, we are starving spiritually. When we are in this state spiritually, God is looking down on us with sad eyes.

The chorus of the song says:
“My house is full, but my field is empty
Who will go and work for Me today
It seems my children all want to stay around my table
But no one wants to work my field
No one wants to work my field”

In the chorus we get to hear God’s sadness towards our actions. We learn that we have to be doing more than coming together as a congregation on Sundays. When we claim Christ as our Lord, we are saying that we are going to work for Him and the gospel. Sitting in a church pew may fuel us spiritually, but what we get from each church service needs to be shared within the world that we live in.

The second verse of the song says:
“Push away from the table
Look out through the windowpane
Just beyond this house of plenty
Lies a field of golden grain
And it’s ripened unto harvest
But the reapers, where are they?
In the house
Oh, count the children
Hear the Father sadly say”

In this verse of the song, we learn that God sees plenty of His children within His house today, but he doesn’t see plenty of His children working in the fields. We live in a world that is spiritually starving for Jesus. Are we filling the world up with the good news or are we sitting quietly in our churches?

The last verse of the song says:
“Souls are crying
Men are dying
Won’t you lead them to the cross
Go and find them
Help to win them
Win the lost at any cost
But no one wants to work in my field
No one wants to work in my field”

In the last verse of the song we learn what we are already know about the world today. There are souls that are lost and are crying out in need of a Savior. There are men and women dying without knowing who Jesus is. Does that move our hearts to deep sadness? Are we helping lead people to Christ or are we doing the bare minimum? It is up to each one of us to lead the lost to Christ and that takes each of us getting out into the fields and working for the gospel.

Today is Thanksgiving, but every day is a day to serve others and show people the goodness of Christ. Our houses are full and our tables are full of food today, but our spiritual lives need to be full of the word and Christ every day. Even when we feel like we are full enough with Christ, we can still go a little bit deeper and always do a little bit more for Him.

Will you push away from the table and go work in the fields today?


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