Reflections of Our Social Media Accounts

We live in a world that is fueled by technology and social media. Everywhere we go, there is someone with a cell phone in their hand scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. People live to capture the perfect picture to post to their timelines for all to see. Our society is all about the likes and comments these days and not about living a private life.

We get so caught up in the apps on our phones to pass the time by and before we know it, we have wasted hours looking at dog videos, people’s statuses, or creeping on someones Facebook page. We’ve all done it. We have gotten so used to having the internet right in the palm of our hands that we forget to look up and see the beauty of reality.

Most of the time, we try to paint our lives as picture perfect for those following us to see, but is that really the truth of our lives? We take countless selfies and countless pictures of our families, picking out the best ones to upload for our friends, families, and even strangers to see. We make sure to paint our lives into a certain image for all to see.

What do our social media accounts say about us?

Living in a world where technology and social media is so present, we tend to forget that what we put on our social media accounts is there for the whole world to find and see. If we are claiming to be Christians, our social media accounts need to reflect that claim or else we will look like hypocrites to all of those who see our posts and likes. Our social media accounts can either be used to be lights for Christ or they can be used to show others our true colors.

Do our true colors reflect the crimson red flow of Jesus’  blood that saved us from sin or do our true colors reflect the blackness of our souls when sin is running rampant?

1 Thessalonians 5:22 says, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

The word evil in this scripture is talking about things within the world that would look bad for Christians to be associated with. This scripture isn’t just talking about abstaining from sin, but about abstaining from going to places that Christians wouldn’t go, wearing things that Christians wouldn’t wear, liking things on social media that you shouldn’t like, or saying things you shouldn’t say. It teaches us to be mindful of the little things within our lives that we sometimes tend to forget about.

We can either use our social media accounts for good or we can use them for sin. With the world right at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to spread the gospel of Christ in a way the disciples could have never imagined possible. Our social media accounts can either promote Christ and the goodness of His word or it can show people our true selves when no one is around.

What we post and like on social media is a reflection of what is in our hearts.

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

This scripture teaches us that no matter what we are doing with our days and time, we should always be doing it for the glory of God. I don’t believe the disciples could have ever imagined the way our world would be today, but I’m sure that if they could see it now they would be urging us to use our social media accounts for the goodness of God. We have an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of lost souls with our posts, but are we truly trying to do that?

Ephesians 5:16 says, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

We live in an evil, dark world that isn’t going to get any better spiritually. It is our job to use our time wisely while we are blessed to be living. We can either use our time on social media to spread the goodness of Christ and His word or we can continue to use it as a time sucker. Do we really want to stand before God one day and be told we didn’t do the work all because we were glued to our phones and computers?

I’ve learned through the years, that social media can be used for very bad things, but that it can also be used for very good things. There was a former college friend who messaged me a few years ago, who told me how much of a light my Facebook page was to them and how proud of me they were. You see, back in college, I was wild for a time and this person partied right along side of me and saw me at some of my most darkest points. One day, I got my life right with God and everything about me changed, including what went onto my social media accounts. This person noticed that about my accounts and it encouraged them and helped them learn more about God.

When we say we’re Christians, our lives have to reflect that statement in every aspect. Our social media accounts need to shine brightly on our timelines and our profiles need to scream everything about Jesus for all to see. Our true colors need to reflect the saving grace of Christ and if they do, our social media accounts will reflect His goodness.



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