Spiritual Combat Zones 

Chaotic work days and rude patrons don’t make for the best work day. Maybe my devotion this morning about trouble arising in our lives was meant to warn me about how my day was going to go. 
The Bible says that where there is good, evil is always present. If you are a Christian living for God and His word, you’ll be fought by the enemy. You’ll be fought by the people you work with, go to school with, & with fellow military spouses. 

How do we act when the battle we’re facing begins to get hot? Do we fight back with a hateful attitude and mean words or do we fight back with love and grace? Do we try to fight our battles on our own or do we let God lead the fight for us?

I’ve learned in my life that when I try to take matters into my own hands, I either make a mess of things or I make myself out to look like a big jerk. I’ve learned that when I allow myself to step back to take a breather, I begin to see things more clearly.

If you are going through a battle and the going is getting hot, give it to God. Hand over your anger, your frustration, your aggravation, and your sadness. Give everything over to God and you’ll feel so much better and lighter. Let God lead the fight and teach you along the way. Let God defend you. Let God lift you up in His ways. Let God do the battling for you and continue to hold on to God’s hand through the combat zone of your life.

The combat zone of your life is the enemies way of throwing every device and tactic he can at you. It is his way of using whatever he can against you. It is his way of picking at your weaknesses and fears. It is his way of trying to discourage you and tear you down. Don’t let the combat zone of your life and spiritual life get you down. Don’t let the enemy in when he comes at you with something to make you upset or angry. Rise above the enemies tricks and rise above the people the enemy uses against you.

It is okay to get mad. It is okay to get upset. It is okay to get aggravated and frustrated. It is normal to feel those emotions, but do not stay there. Do not live in those feelings. Do not let those feelings control your life and your attitude. Instead, when you are feeling one of those emotions, put the whole armour of God on, stand tall and strong in the Lord’s power, and be confident in knowing that God is fighting the fight for you.

Combat zones are the scariest places to be at during a war. They are rough and brutal. You’ve got to think quick and move quickly, but smartly. You’re out there fighting for your life and your fellow soldiers lives. You’ve got a lot at stake when you’re out in the combat zone. In a lot of ways, the combat zone of your spiritual life is the same. 

You’ve got a lot to fight for and to hold on to. Your salvation, your peace, your relationship with God, and trying to keep your light for God burning brightly so that the whole world can see Him. You’re fighting for lost souls that don’t know Jesus Christ as their Savior. You are fighting for your emotions and feelings to stay under God’s standards. You are having to think wisely and godly. You are having to act and live pleasing to God at all times, no matter what emotional, spiritual, or physical war zone you are going through. You have to be brave and strong. You must not give up.

Be warriors for God. Be prepared for the fights and troubles in your spiritual life. Be prayed up and studied up. Continue to focus on God’s ways and let Him lead the battle for you. Let God lead you in the fight and you won’t ever walk away defeated, ashamed, or embarrassed because of the way you acted. Stand firm and strong in God’s word and His ways of living and you will not buckle under the pressure.

God relieves the pressures in our lives. God wins every battle and every fight. He can’t be defeated. Take peace and comfort in knowing that with God, you can’t ever really, truly lose.

I had to keep constantly reminding myself of God’s power and goodness to His children today at work. Mean mouths full of hateful ammunition can hurt, but God is our shield and comforter. Mean mouths on mean people can be overlooked, but only when we truly focus on God and all of His goodness. 

Keep smiling while you continue to hold on to your victory and joy. 

Peace comes from God and even if you’re going through the combat zone fighting hard to keep going, you’ve still got God’s peace, joy, and strength to see you through to the end.

“The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.” -Psalms 29:4

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