25 Tips to Not Be a La-Z-Boy Christian

A La-Z-Boy chair is meant for you to relax in. It is meant for you to put your feet up after a long day & just lounge around while you read or watch TV. As Christian’s, we are not meant to be lazy or slothful in anything that we do. Does that mean that we don’t struggle with being lazy? No. How can we overcome laziness & get off the “La-Z-Boy” church pew we’re so comfortable in? By praying for strength. Praying for God to give you that burning desire full of passion for the gospel and for God.

I know many of us live very busy lives and we have so much we have to juggle within our daily routines. We have to manage balancing college, relationships, taking care of kiddos, work, going to church, praying, reading and studying our bibles daily. All of those things don’t include the laundry we have to get done, house work that needs to get done, homework, grocery shopping, and so on. So how do we put God first before everything else in our everyday lives?

We put our entire focus on God alone.

When I got into college, I struggled to put God first. I stressed so much that I made a mess of things. I would say a simple, quick prayer to start my day, pray over my food when I ate, & pray when I went to bed at night. I got into a routine. Prayer is not meant to be used as a robotic routine. We are supposed to pray without ceasing. Without ceasing means to pray continually throughout your entire day. It means to constantly be talking to God no matter where we are.

No matter where we are, we must have God on our minds 24/7, we must read our bibles daily, we must study the scriptures we read, and we must be praying to God throughout each of our days. We must be praying to be on fire for God.

Don’t let the busyness of your days make you forget about who let you wake up this morning. Don’t pick up your bible or devotional book after everything else has been done. Don’t just pray a quick prayer that becomes a routine. Don’t just pray to God when you feel obligated to.

Don’t become a La-Z-Boy christian.

So what can you do to keep your focus on God throughout the day? I’ve decided to compile a list of things you can do to help you maintain a relationship of worshiping God continually throughout your day. This list is some of my own ideas and others ideas that I decided were the most helpful for each of us to get more focused on God. I myself, have to work on getting out of the La-Z-Boy church pew sometimes too. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, get passionate about God. Get passionate about spreading and sharing the Gospel with others. Get passionate about your relationship with God.

Tips to Keep Your Mind Focused on God:
1. When you get up each morning, thank God for waking you up.
2. Go to prayer for your new day, that God will protect you, lead you, and guide you.
3. Strive to be a light.
4. Sing hymns or worship songs throughout the day.
5. Talk to God like you would your best friend. He wants that relationship with you.
6. Read a scripture before you go to work or school.
7. Read a daily devotional.
8. Look up godly, Christian quotes to get your mind on God.
9. Pray silently throughout your day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
10. Talk to people about the goodness of God.
11. Download a bible app so that while you’re on the go, you can read a passage of the bible no matter where you are.
12. Thank God throughout your day.
13. When you’re having a bad day, think on your blessings and thank God.
14. Remember Philippians 4:8
15. Study a chapter a day.
16. If you see someone asking for prayer on Facebook or someone asks for prayer and you are at work or school, begin to pray silently throughout the day for them and others.
17. Remember to praise God for the good and the bad throughout your day.
18. Listen to worship music.
19. Read a Christian book on a lunch break or during your down time.
20. Remain joyful through it all.
21. Be thankful for the little things throughout your day.
22. Talk to someone about your church and invite them to come to Sunday school.
23. Put a scripture in your dashboard of your car to read everyday. (I did this once and it really helped me stay encouraged)
24. Do bible studies with classmates in college, with fellow MILSO’s, or with your family.
25. Create a Pinterest Board solely for godly quotes, scriptures, godly encouragement, etc. (I have one and it inspires me everyday to get focused more on how awesome God really is)


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