We’re Called To Be Uncomfortable

Last night I decided to go sit in my backyard while my dog ran around and played. I had only went out there to keep an eye on my dog and had no intention of talking to anyone. I’m one of those people who likes to keep to themselves because I have a hard time trusting people and letting people in to my life. I just find it easier to be a loner.

Instead of being outside for 30 minutes, I ended up being out there for a few hours, talking to a neighbor. I figured it didn’t hurt to talk to her and get to know who I live around. I mainly let her talk and just listened to what she had to say to me about her life. I waited for the right opportunity to bring up God and the way that I live my life. I knew in that moment that God had opened a door for me, even if I was uncomfortable with it.

God doesn’t call us to get comfortable in our work for Him. He calls us to get uncomfortable so that we can be bold for Him and His word.

James 1:22 says, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

This scripture reminds us to be doers of the word and not just hearers of it. It is one thing to go to church and hear the word of God, but it is another thing to be living up to the words commands and working for the Lord daily in your own personal life. It is good to hear the word and learn more about what all it means, but we have to take what we learn and share it with those who are lost.

The lost cannot teach themselves about Christ. It takes those who are saved and are willing to work for the Lord to spread the gospel.

Mark 16:15 says, And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This scripture isn’t saying you have to be a preacher to spread the gospel of Christ to all of those who are in the world. Instead, it is commanding all of us to get out from the comforts of our own homes and churches to tell people about the goodness of Christ. The work for the Lord isn’t easy and most times, it isn’t comfortable for us to do because lets face it, this world is a dark place. Christ knew that our world would be a dark one, but yet he still calls us to preach and teach the gospel to everyone we come in contact with.

The work of the gospel is meant to challenge us spiritually and it is meant to push us out of our comfort zones, so that our lights can shine in even the darkest of places.

IMG_0590How is a drinker supposed to know that drinking is sinful if we don’t tell them what the bible says on it?
How is a smoker supposed to know that smoking is sinful if we don’t tell them what the bible says on it?
How is someone who cusses supposed to know that cussing is sinful if we don’t tell them what the bible says on it?
How is a sinner supposed to know about salvation if we don’t tell them what the bible says on it?

I’m not saying to beat someone over the head with your bible and tell them, “You are an awful sinner and you are going to Hell!” That is no way to witness to people. Instead, I am telling you to be bold for the truth of God’s word and be willing to stand firm in your beliefs with those around you who are lost. We can be firm and bold in our beliefs without compromising the truth to fit in or be liked. We can tell someone that their sin is going to keep them out of heaven, but still be loving in our approach.

This is why the work of the gospel is hard and can be uncomfortable for us. We are all human and we want people to like us. We want to live a life that is drama free and peaceful, so we tend to keep our mouths shut about the gospel around those who are lost. When we keep our mouths shut, we are deciding to become comfortable in our walks. Instead of becoming worrisome and comfortable in our walks, we have to be willing to open our mouths up for the truth and be alright with feeling uncomfortable to witness to a lost soul.

Living in a military town, I see firsthand how spiritually dark it is around me. There are many who claim to be religious and they may truly love Christ, but their lives show me they don’t know what it is really like to serve Christ. I’d rather be a loner with just my husband, but I know in order to reach the lost souls of this world I’m going to have to meet people and talk to people. The spreading of the gospel in our military towns can only be done by those of us who know Christ. We have to be willing to get to know those around us, just like Christ was in the bible.

The gospel will always stay the same, but the world around us continues to get darker and change. We can either stay in our comfort zones or we can step out in faith and deal with being a little uncomfortable while we do the work of the Lord.



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