Finding Patience in The Job Search

Today I had an interview for a job I want so bad that I get anxious just thinking about it. This was the first face to face interview I’ve had since moving to Texas. I have waited six months for this opportunity and when it started to seem like nothing was going to happen for me, I got a call. The moment I got that call, I began praising God for it because I knew the call could have only happened because of His will.

I was extremely nervous for this interview because I didn’t know what to expect. We’ve all been there, where we’ve had to pick out the right outfit, over analyze our resumes, and wonder what questions we’re going to be asked when our interview time comes. It is hard to sit back, waiting for things to happen for us when we want them to happen right then and there. Patience is a hard thing to have when sitting in the house all day, everyday is driving you crazy.

Patience teaches us to rely on God for everything. When we have patience, we are surrendering our wants and needs over to God and saying, “Here I am Lord and here are all the things I so desperately want out of life. Instead of holding onto them I’m placing them in your hands, knowing that in Your time it will all work out.”

Patience takes having faith in God to meet our needs and to fulfill our hearts desires.

Romans 8:25 says, “But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.”

This scripture teaches us that even if we can’t see the solution right in front of us, if we have hope and faith by waiting patiently, God will work the solution out for us. The solution may not be what we had in mind, but it will be exactly what we need. Sometimes it is hard to believe in things working out for us when it doesn’t seem like any solution is coming our way, but it is in those times that our patience and faith is tried. When we allow God to test our patience and faith in Him, we will see our desires come to be.

My interview today was probably one of the hardest interviews I’ve ever had to do. There was some questions that I couldn’t answer due to my lack of experience within the field, but I decided to be myself and push through until the end. I realized today that all I can ever do is my very best and be myself at the same time, all while trusting in God to make a way.

Romans 5:4 says, “And patience, experience; and experience, hope:”

We learn through this scripture that if we have patience during our trials, we learn and grow into better human beings through the experience. It can be hard to have hope and hold onto it when things look grim around us and our frustrations of not being able to find jobs weighs heavily on us, but we know that with God, we can have hope for a breakthrough.

It takes time for good things to happen. With God in our lives, there is always something good right around the corner, just waiting for us.

I may have only gotten an interview, but I’m having faith that whatever God wants for me will come to be. Will I be disappointed if I don’t get this job? Of course I will be, but I will know that God has something better in store for me. Sometimes it is through our disappointments and failures that we realize just how hard and constant God is working in our lives. We serve a God who never takes a break or a nap, but is constantly working for our betterment every single day that we are blessed to wake up.

When frustrations and disappointments come your way, they are going to hit you hard, but God will be there to strengthen you with His peace. Job searching is probably one of the most frustrating tasks we ever have to do in our adult life, but if we push through the frustrations and have a little bit of faith, something will work out for us. Through this trial, I’ve learned that God never will disappoint us and that He always arrives right on time with just the thing we need.




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