Loving Yourself and Your Uniqueness

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” –Ephesians 2:10

In the words of my mom, I have no confidence in myself  and she is right. I’ve always had problems with believing in myself to accomplish things. For some reason, I just have the hardest time believing that I’m smart enough, pretty enough, and good enough. I’m sure many of you that read my posts have felt the same way at one point in your life.

My problem is that I compare myself to all those around me and worry too much about every little thing. I focus on those around me instead of focusing on myself and doing things for me. As women, I believe we all struggle with comparisons and if we’re not careful, those comparisons can take us down a dark path we don’t want to go. God created us to be unique individuals. He created each of us with our own talents and skill sets to achieve great things within our lives, but it is up to us to believe in them and use those gifts from God.

Unlike God, the devil likes to play tricks on our minds. He likes to make us feel worthless, untalented, not good enough, and continues to nag at us until we either put him in his place or we fall for the lies he is feeding each of us about ourselves. The devil doesn’t know us the way that God knows us because he didn’t create us. He doesn’t know us from the inside out, but only knows the things to bother us with, to make us fearful, and to tempt us with. So, why do we listen to him? We are human and as human beings, we are going to have good days and bad days.

God is who we should be listening to. We should be constantly listening to His words and His love for us because both will always speak truth into our lives.

We should be reminding ourselves daily that God created us for good things and that He has good plans for our lives. God doesn’t create talent-less, self-doubting people. Talent-less, self-doubting people choose to be those types of people, they don’t just fall into those characteristics or habits. God gives us free will to choose who we want to be and how we’re going to be and because of that thought, we should take comfort in knowing that we get to choose who we want to be.

We get to choose who we want to be.

Follow Christ and the example He left for us to follow and you’ll turn out to be a beautiful individual, capable of whatever you put your mind to. Through God, you don’t have to worry about turning out untalented, not smart enough, or not good enough. With God, you’ll turn out to be the beautiful being God created you to be. So, stop comparing yourself to the person who seems to know how to do everything, who can sing phenomenally, who is an amazing cook, who is living a life you can only dream of, who is smart in a subject only you wish you could be.

Stop the comparisons. Stop the self-hate. Stop the doubts and worries. Stop trying to be the person next to you that seems better or more talented. Be who God created you to be and embrace the talents that God has given you, even if they are different than the person standing or living next to you. Do what you love to do and take a chance at it, trusting in God to make a way for you. Love who you are and love what God has given you the ability to do.

Bloom into loving yourselves and be the individual God created you to be.



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