We Are The Clay 

For the longest time, growing up as a young teenager I never felt like I could be myself. I always felt like I had to be what my parents wanted me to be, what my church family wanted me to be, what my friends wanted me to be, what boys wanted me to be, what society wanted me to be. I lost myself in what others saw for me. I lost myself in the ways of what they wanted for me. I lost myself in the pressures of fitting a certain mold.
A mold that I lost myself in ended up cracking me to the core. It broke me. It broke my confidence. It broke my self-esteem. It broke my happiness. It broke me because I had others molding me instead of the one who really matters. I let others try to shape me and when I didn’t fit their mold, I broke down. I broke to the very core of me. I cried many tears wanting to know why I was the way I was and why people couldn’t just accept me for me. I didn’t understand what I know now.

I didn’t understand that it didn’t matter what others wanted me to be molded into. It didn’t matter if I didn’t fit a certain image or expectation for someone. It didn’t matter what society wanted me to be or what people in my life wanted me to be. What mattered was what God wanted me to be and what He expected of me. You see, God’s ways are much better and much higher than our ways. When we allow God to mold us into His image, into His plan for our lives, we see a change in us like never before.

We become strong and are no longer broken. We become confident in God’s strength and are no longer down on ourselves. We become full of lightness and pure joy that we are instantly confident in the steps we take. We become the women of God that He has called us to be when we set aside trying to please everyone in our lives and focus on pleasing God in all ways.

Pleasing God with every action, with every word we speak, and with every step we take is the best way to go through our lives. Living for God and freeing yourself from the cares of this world free you from the burdens that weigh you down. Those burdens of chains break off and you’re able to walk boldly in God, able to be yourself in the way that God has sculpted you to be.

Choose to be sculpted by God. Choose to be molded continuously by God. Don’t let the pressures from this world sculpt and mold you. Get on the potter’s wheel that God controls and you’ll come out shining beautifully.

I chose to get on God’s potters wheel years ago and it is still spinning. I am continuously being molded by my makers hands. I chose to let God define me. I chose to remember that this life we have been given is about pleasing God in everything we do. I chose to be free from the chains of self deprecation and I am still clinging to the Almighty molders hands as the wheel continues to spin.

Remember that the only way you will ever bloom for God is if you get onto God’s wheel to be molded and get off of the world’s wheel that is trying to mold you.

Isaiah 64:8- “But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.


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