Not Today Satan

Today hasn’t been the best day for me if I’m being completely honest. Started the day with some confrontation which is never fun to deal with. Then the bathroom floor flooded when I got home which was a headache to have to clean up. And last but not least, my husband is deployed and super busy where he is at, so communication has been lacking the past few days.

I say all of that to say, we all go through rough days. We all have days where we complain, cry, and don’t feel like leaving the house. It is only human of us to get down from time to time. The thing is though, God didn’t create us to stay in our frustrations or sadness. God created us to be thankful in all things and to always have a praise on our lips.

It can be hard to be thankful in all things or to even praise God in all circumstances, but it isn’t impossible or God wouldn’t have created us this way. We were created to praise God in all of His wonder and to focus on our Savior continually. Today, I could have really lost my cool and had to ask for forgiveness if I would have. I’m okay with admitting that I have my bad days too. But instead of losing my cool and deciding to let the negativity going on around me affect my day, I chose to put my mind on the Lord.

In Psalm 34:1 it says, “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

We need to have a heart like the Psalmist David had. David was always praising the Lord, no matter what the enemy threw at him. David put his whole being into worshiping and praising the Lord and we must be the same way. I know it is a lot easier for me to sit here and say that, but it really is the truth. You see, David faced hardships just like we do, yet he was a man after God’s own heart. David knew where to go when things around him were falling apart. David knew where to go when things around him were looking up. He always went to God whether it was in tearful times of sorrow or in joyous times of praise.

Can we truly say we go to the Lord for everything in our lives? Or do we only go to the Lord when things are looking down? We must go to the Lord whether we are on top of a mountain top or in a valley that is flooding out our joy.

Satan would have liked me to go off today, but I didn’t give in even though my flesh wanted to. Instead, I decided to look to God on how he would handle the situation I faced today. Not only that, but I chose to go on about my day praising the Lord for His goodness in my life. Some of you may be thinking, how I do that and the simple answer is because I know how big my God is. My God is bigger than any fellow wife who doesn’t like me, He is bigger than any appliances messing up causing me a headache, and he is bigger than the pain that comes with deployment.

Our God is bigger than anything and anyone in this world. Whatever the enemy throws at you, stand strong in the fact that God is able to defeat it.

Psalm 71:8 says, “Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.”

Hebrews 13:15 says, “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”


These scriptures tell us that our mouths should always be speaking out about the goodness of the God we serve. It doesn’t say to only give praise when things are going good because lets face it, that is easy to do. Instead, the scriptures tell us to be full of praise towards our God all day long. It isn’t easy to be full of praise when the enemy is trying to tear you down, but it is a powerful weapon against the enemy of our souls.

When we praise God in the midst of the flames surrounding us, we defeat the enemy of our souls. Praise is a weapon of power against depression, anger, confrontation, and frustration.

We have the power in us through God to overcome anything the enemy throws at us during our lifetime. We can either choose to give in to the things dragging us down or we can choose to fight for our joy. Fighting for our joy is hard at times, but being able to hold on to that joy through it all is a testimony in itself. Our joy comes from the Lord and because it comes from the Lord, we don’t ever have to worry about it being taken away from us by God. The enemy will try to steal our joy and can steal our joy if we let him, but when we choose to fight back for what is rightfully ours, the enemy has to flee from us.

I was driving in the car today after my boxing class and a song came on the radio that said, “Nothing can take my joy.” I thought it was pretty funny that this song came on the radio with the day I was having. I knew it had to be from God because I began to say out loud that nothing can take my joy. You see, I realized today that my joy is simply that, it is mine and it is mine to keep.

Let us keep a strong hold on our joy everyday, no matter what comes our way. Let us be joyful during the stress, the sadness, the loneliness, or whatever it is that we are going through. The joy of the Lord is ours to keep if only we choose to keep it. Let us keep our joy from the enemies grip.


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