New Beginnings as a Military Spouse

Things have really changed for me, for my life, & for my marriage. My husband joined the Army this past summer. He left for basic training in September & we lived apart until the end of  March 2017. Things have been hectic.

It has been hard. So hard. I honestly don’t think the word “hard” is an adequate word for what it has been like. The adjustment to becoming a military spouse (MILSO) is not for the faint of heart. Your WHOLE life changes in only a matter of a few short months. You feel like your whole world is turned upside down. All these questions run through your head & you begin to question what this lifestyle is really going to entail. It’s scary, it’s saddening, it’s exciting, it’s full of pride for your spouse, it’s full of questions.

My life changed within only a matter of months. I changed within only a matter of months. I didn’t do it alone. I had God with me every step of the way.

I lived on my own, states away from all of my family for the first time in my life. It was nerve racking, but I had peace in knowing that God was with me. The only line of communication I had with my husband for almost 3 months was letters, yet I felt him with me everyday. I felt alone & depressed sometimes, yet God comforted me. I had scary situations arise living on my own in an apartment, yet God protected me from harm. Through it all, I had God to lead me, to hold me, to guide me, to protect me, to strengthen me, to love me, and to comfort me.

God grew me into a woman I never thought possible. He helped me to blossom into a strong force of nature in the form of a woman. He helped me to be courageous through the storms. He held me at my lowest points alone. He lead me out of my comfort zone & helped me to try new things. God helped me blossom as a daughter of God.

The military life isn’t an easy one to live, but the God I serve knows that. I’ve learned through this lifestyle change that anything is possible as long as we trust in God & we put the effort in to work for Him. When we do our part as daughters of God, God will come in & help us finish the task at hand.

We cannot do anything without God leading us. I learned by being alone for months, that it is because of God that I can be alone & still have my joy. That’s how God works. God may allow us to go through some dark times, but it is within those darkest moments that we can shine the brightest. It is within those hard moments that we can blossom into something fierce & strong for the Lord & for ourselves.

Life throws us curveballs & most of the time, we don’t even see the curveball coming our way, but God always does. God knows the curveball that life is going to throw at us before  it even happens. You see, God is already there, waiting on us to see His plan through.

I didn’t see this curveball that was heading my way, but God already knew it was coming. There’s comfort in that truth. There’s comfort in knowing that God already knows & sees what is to come in our lives & is already there waiting for us. We can take comfort in knowing that through it all, God is always going to be there with us.

What a journey life is. It can be ugly & it can be beautiful because life changes in a blink of an eye, but God always stays the same. He is our constant & our anchor.

In order to fully bloom, we must face curveballs & change ups in our lives because it is in those moments, we truly grow stronger & wiser. Lets embrace what life chooses to throw at us & when we truly do that, God will reveal Himself to us in beautiful ways.

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