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Some will fail you and it will hurt. Your heart will break in a way that is different from losing a loved one or a friend. You will want to throw your hands up and just give up because you will feel like there is no point in continuing on in your relationship with God. […]

I have never been one to want to have a lot of friends in my circle. I guess you could say that I don’t trust very easily. Or maybe you could say that I’m too picky on who I’ll befriend like others have said to me in the past. But really, I just call it […]

My husband graduated BLC today. I was so proud to see him graduate in the top 20% of his class and to see him getting one step closer to being pinned Sergeant. Sitting at the field for his ceremony today made me realize just how awesome of a Soldier my husband really is. But also […]

My sister texted me the other day telling me that a lady from the town I grew up in had asked what I was up to these days. When my sister told her I was an Army wife and working in the dental field, the ladies response was, “I’d figured she’d go into writing because […]

There are times in our lives when we feel so distant from God, that we feel like our everlasting well has dried up. We get to a place of comfortableness and we become stagnant in our walks with God. We don’t grow and we don’t whither away in the wind, we just simply stay the […]

With the start of 2019, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the past year and what all God has done for me. 2018 had some really good moments and some really bad moments. That year taught me to truly see God’s power working within my life. Now that 2019 has arrived, I can’t […]

It’s been a few months since I’ve wrote anything. I could say it was because I’ve been extremely busy with my schooling and clinicals, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. The truth is, is that for the past few months I have felt so distant from God. I know, some of you will probably be […]